Nonprofit Program Inclusivity Checklist

April 9, 2023

Nonprofit programs serve an important purpose in our society, offering various services and benefits to community members. It is essential that those running these organizations ensure they are providing a safe space for everyone involved.

As a PAL program director (or anyone working to support the mission of a PAL program) it is important to remember that inclusivity itself cannot be a goal—it must become part of the culture and mission.

Inclusivity is defined as the “state or quality of being inclusive,” meaning to include all groups without discrimination. This includes individuals from different genders, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Achieving true inclusivity requires much more than just words—it must be expressed through action and policy.

As you strive to make your PAL program more inclusive, we have worked to develop a Nonprofit Program Inclusivity Checklist to help you evaluate your current policies and practices.

Nonprofit Program Inclusivity Checklist Infographic

Downloadable and printable Inclusivity Checklist for nonprofit programs.

[Download the Inclusivity checklist PDF here]


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