Who can join a Police Activity League?

April 15, 2023

Question: Who can join a Police Activity League?

Police Activities Leagues are community-based programs designed to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and young people.

Generally speaking, everyone is welcome to join a PAL program—they provide an inclusive environment for youth of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, genders and abilities.

As PAL isn’t a nationally organized program, every PAL is unique. Some PAL programs embrace older members, while some focus entirely on youth.

If someone meets the local requirement of being within the age range set by their location’s PAL organization then they may be eligible to participate in PAL activities.

Some PAL programs also have eligibility requirements such as living within certain geographic boundaries or meeting certain criteria related to risk factors that might benefit from involvement in PAL programs.

For almost all PALs, participants must sign up with parental consent if under 18 years of age; some locations require additional paperwork such as health forms before participating in any activities provided by the program.

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